Writing genealogy goals for 2015 will help me realize some dreams, take stock of what I need to work on, and also what accomplishments I will have made for this new year. So, here goes!

1. Join a genealogy club and participate.

Surprising, huh? I admit it! I am not a member of a genealogy group! But this year, I hope to find the right group or groups for me and be an active member.

2. Attend a genealogy conference.

Yesss!! I am actually working on this one, and I am scheduled to attend one (I posted about it too!) in April! I’m excited!

3. Take a genealogy DNA test.

This has been my goal for ages! I want to know where I am from! I want a company that will destroy my sample after testing. Yes, I am a bit paranoid about my business being out there, even if it will be in a secure location. Anyway, I also would like for my brother to take one, too.

4. Pick back up my research!

I’ve been a bit lazy lately and need to keep going.

5. Present my own genealogy program at work.

I want to do something to help people, so naturally, having my own program at work would be nice, and is something I need to work on making happen this year or for the next.

Of course, I might add some additional goals, but for right now, this is it!