I recently found a relative on Ancestry. I excitedly but apprehensively sent an email, detailing our kinship and hopes of connecting. Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting a response, as the person hadn’t updated in several years. I figured the email address could’ve been inactive or whatever. Several hours later, she responds! I’m thrilled, and I immediately respond back. I reassure her that this email is real, I’m very excited too that this is happening, you know, all of the things we would say to long-lost relatives. I also ask where she and the others are located because I would like to connect in person, and I also say that I would share pictures. Let me stop here… I’m very stingy about my pics. I know it’s wrong, but I am stingy about them and I admit it. I love them! I cherish them! So to share my most prized possessions of my ancestors’ pics is a big deal! But I was willing to share  😦 

But then, nothing. Crickets. No email. No response back. I was a bit disappointed. Did I run her off by asking where they were located? I mean, I’m not going to show up at their doorstep like the long-lost cousins showing up when folks win the lottery. I was simply excited to meet new relatives! So, what’s the correct way to do this? I’m thinking if I see your email and info on Ancestry or other genealogy websites that you too are interested in connecting our, and I say OUR, family tree. And, that means you want to talk or email. If your info is available, my first thought is to reach out. 

What is the right way to connect with relatives we find online?